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Patons Kroy Sock Yarn Is Here!

Hello Yarn Friends! I'm more than a little excited today because we finally have SOCK YARN!

Okay, confession time - I crochet more than I knit. Let me rephrase that. My crochet projects out-weigh my knitting projects 50:1. And for a long time I was so envious of my knitting friends because they could make SOCKS! So, part of the reason I learned to knit way back was so I could make socks too. And I can't tell you how thrilled I am at the explosion of crochet sock patterns that are all over Pinterest these days. It just makes me so happy!

Naturally, I wanted sock yarn available here at Grandpa's Ugly Blanket to help feed the sock frenzy in me (and probably you too, am I right?). And finally, we've got some and the colors are simply fan-freakin'-tastic!

So, take a look at the Kroy Socks line from Patons!

Okay, so a few reasons I LOVE this line of sock yarn:

1. Machine washable and dryable - who wants to hand wash and air dry their socks?

2. Color combinations from bold and daring to gentle and feminine - something for all fashion preferences.

3. 75% washable wool, 25% nylon - It'll wick moisture away! I know we're getting in to the warmer months and here in the the south, that means humidity. I plan to keep wearing my socks and the moisture wicking means a lot - trust me.

Okay, so do me a favor, if you order some of the Kroy Socks yarn, would you please send me a picture of your completed socks? Knitted or crocheted! I would really like to share on our social media! You can email them to me: grandpasuglyblanket@gmail.com or tag us in any of your posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Thanks bunches!

Happy Creating!

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