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Our Goals For

Grandpa's Ugly Blanket in 2020!

Last year, we gave away a record number of blankets to charities here in South Carolina and reduced our shipping fee to a low flat rate. Then, we were able to eliminate our shipping fee altogether and now everyone gets FREE SHIPPING on every order!

So, here are our goals to improve Grandpa's Ugly Blanket even more and make the shopping experience even better for you in 2020.

1. We will begin phasing out all products that do not having a shipping estimate of 2 weeks or less. We know you want your orders as soon as possible! We'll be putting product shipping time estimates at the top of every product description.

2. This is a BIG ONE! By the end of 2020, all of our suppliers will be in the United States. We live in a global economy and many of our products are manufactured at some stage outside of the United States, and we are perfectly fine with that. However, by the time you are ready to order, you need that product to ship from with the U.S. so it can get to you in a reasonable amount of time AND keep the price reasonable so we can still give you FREE SHIPPING. So, it might take us an entire year to make it happen, but we're going to make it happen no matter what.

3. And finally, every year, we give the majority of our profit to charities in the form of blankets. And every year, we want to give more blankets than we did the previous year. Please help us reach this goal again in 2020. Your support means the world to us and especially to the people who receive the blankets!

We hope you have a wonderful New Year! Our best wishes to you and yours!


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